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How To Print And Cut Clip Art In Silhouette

Posted on 4th December 2016

Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use. You can use our free designs every week or Dinosaurs by clipick

VIDEO (Mac Version)



1- Open Silhouette Studio.

2- Select File to open up your clip art.

3- Select your clip art and select OK.

4- Your image will appear onto your workspace.

5- Select your image and resize to the size you need.

6-  Go to the Cut Icon and select. This will automatically highlight any cut lines are are available and selected. As you can see there are no cut lines at all selected.'

7- If you highlight your clip art and then select the Cut icon in the cut settings (1),  you will see that the outside square of the clip art is now highlighted (2). We want the actual image to cut not just around the outside so we need to trace our image to get a cut line for it. Unselect the clip art image to remove this cut line we do not need.

8-Select the Trace icon in the toolbar (1). A new set of options will appear.

9- Select the Select Trace Area Icon. Then you will need to use the tool to draw around what you would like to be traced. In this case it is the clip art image.

You will see that some of the image in the highlighted trace box has gone yellow, this is how we determine where our cut lines will be. If we cut now we would get all these random cut areas. We need to try and highlight as much of the clip art as possible so we can trace around the outside edge.

10- The first thing we need to do is unselect the High Pass Filter. This will start to adjust the tracing process. in this case it has removed the yellow highlights. its OK we will doing some other steps to make them re appear.

11- Next we need to adjust the threshold. The more we increase this the more yellow will highlight your clip art. As we are only tracing the outside edge we only need to ensure the edge is a solid yellow. the middle which is not highlighted is fine.

12- Next we need to adjust the scale (1). This will effect the pixel and "smoothness" of the cut) I find that between 4 ans 10 works really well on most files.

Next we need to actually trace the file. To do this there are 3 options. Today to just trace the outline we will be using the Trace Outer Edge Option (2) Select this.

13- Your clip art will be now traces with a fine red cut line around the image.

14- When you are happy with the trace, select both the cut line(the trace in red) and the clip art. Group together so it will not move and unalign.

15- We now need to set up the Print and cut. To do this we need registration marks. These are small square boxes printed onto your sheet of paper/media so your Silhouette will register where your cut file is in relation to the print file.

Select the registration mark icon in the toolbar.

16- A new set of option will appear. we need to change the style from None to Type 1 (1) This is the option of you own a cameo, portrait or curio machine.

Some hatch lines, a red out line and black squares will now appear on your workspace. These are all for specific functions.

* The red line (2) is to show you your print area. Always ensure that your clip art/images are within these lines or they will not print and cut.

* The Hatch lines (3) are to show you the boundary for your cut areas. You cannot have any cut lines in this area or your file will not cut there. (note these hatched lines are for reference only they will not print)

* Black box/L shape lines (3) these are printed for the Silhouette to register. when you run your print and cut file through your Silhouette it will go over black box and the L shaped lines to register where your cut lines are in relation to your print file.

17- Once everything is all correctly in its place and the registration marks are on screen, it is now time to print your file. Select the print icon, select your printer and Print.

18- Once your file has printed, place on your cutting mat, ensuring it is on the left edge and lined up straight, then feed into your Silhouette machine. Select Send to Silhouette Icon and adjust your cut setting to reflect the media you are using. When you have your file in the send to Silhouette settings It is always good to check on your screen that the images you want cutting  have their red highlighted area, so you know they will cut.

Send your project to the silhouette.

Fonts are from and the file is called Cute Animals Clipart

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