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Stipple Tool Basics in Silhouette Curio

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Go to the cutting mat and change to the curio. Next Change the media size to fit the curio mat. A5 will work well.

2- With the 2 sections changed you will see that the mat on the screen now is the curio mat.

3- Select your file.

4- Click on the stipple tool.

5- Click on the stipple option.

6- First if you want to only have the outline stippled, check the stipple edge option.

7- You can also adjust the spacing of the outline.

8- You can also use the fill option. to fill your design (with or without an outline stipple)

9- You can change the fill design to several options in the fill section. It is good to note, that depending on the fill area, not all fill design will work.

10- you can adjust the fill by grid spacing, stipple spacing, scale factor, angle and offset.

11- Once you are happy with the stipple edge and fill, click on send. Make sure that the curio is selected.

12- Change the cut option to stipple option and place the stipple option is selected

13- Make sure that the stipple tool is also selected. Also place the stipple tool into the red holder.

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