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Tracing with the Stipple Tool in Silhouette curio

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Go to the cutting mat and change to the curio. Next Change the media size to fit the curio mat. A5 will work well.

2- With the 2 sections changed you will see that the mat on the screen now is the curio mat.

3- Select your design.

4-  Resize to fit your design space.

5- Click on the stippling panel.

6- Click on the stipple trace tool.

7- Draw the trace tool around the design.

8- Your design will have a basic stipple fill.

9- With the image selected, adjust the density to 100, refinement to 4 and the grid spacing to as low as possible.

10- Once happy with the adjustment select the create stipple icon. The image will go blotchy. This is OK the stipple detail will appear in the send screen.

11- Go to the send screen. The stippling will appear as red lines.

12- Make sure the curio is selected.

13- Click on the stipple option and the stipple tool. Next ensure the stipple tool is in the first holder (red circle one)

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