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Warp tool in Silhouette V4.1

Posted on 12th September 2017
*designer edition plus and higher

1- Open Silhouette studio.

2- Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the right toolbar and then in the pop up bar select the warp tool.

3- A new panel will appear. This is the warp panel.

4- Add the shape/image or text you would like to warp. Ensure it is selected and then click on the warp selected shapes.

5- Your image will now have a grid over it with coloured nodes.

6- You can click on a node and manipulate the image/text.

7- If you want to undo the warp, you can select the restore original shape tool.

8- If you have warped your text/shape and would like to individually move it you can click the release warp icon. Each part will be individual.

9- If you are creating a warp and it does not have enough movement, you can use the slider tools to add columns and rows.

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