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Conical warp tool in Silhouette V4.1

Posted on 12th September 2017
*Designer edition plus and higher*

1- Open Silhouette studio.

2- Go to the arrow at the bottom right toolbar. Click it and a side toolbar will appear. Select the warp tool.

3- A new window will appear.

4-  Insert your design you would like to use on the glass or other curved object. I am using the Free SVG bundle from

5- Click on the conical warp selected shapes icon.

6- You can adjust the size of the curved object in the conical warp panel by measuring the object you are placing your design on and imputing it in the slider panel or by moving the nodes on the diagram.

It is good to note that when you are using the conical warp tool you cannot adjust the image by changing the size of the image manually. to adjust the size use the slider panels in the conical warp panel instead.

7- once you are happy click on apply. Once you select apply you cannot undo the warp.

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