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How to fill text with a cuttable pattern

Posted on 20th March 2017


1- Open Silhouette studio software.


2- Insert your cut file. this can be one your designed yourself or purchased from a 3rd party shop. I am using basic chevron background file I made.


3-  Type the first letter of the text you would like to add a cuttable file in.


4- Place the letter over the chevron cut file.

 (Note-I have filled the chevron and letter in to see the technique easier. you do not need to do this.)


5- We now need to create an internal offset in the letter. To do this select your letter then the offset icon. Select the internal offset option and with the size left at the default size (0.200cm)  Apply the offset.


6-  We now need to hide the original letter so only the offset is seen. to do this select Ctrl + X. the original letter will disappear.


7-  We now need to crop the excess cut file. Select Modify (1) then with both the cutable file and the letter selected, click on Crop.


8- All the cuttable file is now gone apart from the chevron left in the letter.


9-  We now need to bring back the original letter. select Ctrl + F to bring it back.


10- With everything selected right click and select Make Compound Path.


11- This now produces the edge of your letter so when you cut the file it will stay in one piece.

The font used is from and the font is called Luducudu

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