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Filling text with digital patterns and papers in Silhouette Studio

Posted on 20th March 2017
1- Open silhouette software. Add your text.

2- Select the font you would like to use.

3- Select the fill panel.

4- Click on the fill pattern. there are a number of preset patterns. Select your text, then select a pattern. this will automatically fill the text with the pattern.

5- You can also use your own digital papers and patterns in your text. You will need to add them to your fill pattern panel manually.

Go to file - library - import to library.

6- Find the file you would like to use. I am using Mermaid SVG from

7- The file will now appear in your library. Click and drag the file to the patterns folder.

8- All the patterns you want to use in your text need to be in the patterns folder to appear in the fill panel on your design space. Repeat the above process for each pattern.

9- Your pattern will now appear in the fill panel. Select your text, then select the pattern you uploaded.

It will now be in your text.

10- You can also fill each letter with a different pattern. To do this right click on your text and ungroup it. Select each letter and with each letter selected you can click on a fill pattern to fill with.

11- In the advance option you can alter the patterns /digital pattern in the text. you can flip the pattern. This can be good if you want a mirror effect in your text.

12- You can also adjust the angle of the pattern. By adjusting the angle on the slide bar you can rotate the pattern withing the letter.

13- You can also scale the patter within the letter. this is great if you want to focus on a specific part of the pattern. It is good to note digital pattern of high resolution are better for scale (quality wise)

14- Lastly you can use the pan option. Select the letter with the pattern in it,click on pan. a little circle handle will appear in the middle of the letter. Click on it and drag. You can move the pattern around within the letter with the pan option.

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