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Filling text with digital patterns and papers in Silhouette Studio

Posted on 20th March 2017


1- Open silhouette software.


2- Add your text.


3-  If you want to fill your text with a preset pattern, select fill icon then in the drop down box, click on the pattern you would like to use.


4- If you would like to use a 3rd party pattern, open where you have the pattern files in a seperate window.


5-  Click on the pattern you would like to fill with and drag it over the letter you would like filled in.


6- Repeat the above step with each letter.


7-  You can now adjust the digital patterns within the letters. Select the Advances Options in the fill pattern section.


8-  At the bottom you have a Transparency option. This can be adjusted so your digital image can be full colour or transparent.


9- The next option is the Pan Pattern option. This will place a little circle "handle" in the middle of your text file. By clicking on this and moving it about, the digital pattern can be moved around withing the font. This is great when a you want a specific part of the pattern in the letter.



10- You can also select the scale pattern. You can make your digital pattern smaller or larger.

below I have made the pattern smaller.


11-  Below i have made the pattern larger so you can see more of the image in the patterns.


12- Lastly, you can adjust the rotation of the digital pattern in the letters.

Products are from the font is called Luducudu and the digital pattern papers are called Watercolor tropical flowers

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