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Importing digital papers into Silhouette Studio

Posted on 1st February 2017

1-  Open silhouette.


2-  Select File > Library > Import to Library.


3-  Find your file and open the file. I am using White Wedding Digital papers .


4-  Your image will now appear in the user design section. Right click the paper and select properties.

Add your description and keywords. You can even add where you purchased your file and who the artist is. Close the properties.


5-  Go to your own library. Select the user design folder, your patterned paper will appear.


6-  Click and drag your patterned paper to the patterns folder.


7-  To access your pattern, select the fill pattern icon. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the patterns. You will find the pattern there. Select your shape or design and click on the fill pattern. It will appear in your design.


The digital papers are from and the collection is White Wedding Digital papers

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