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How to Make Floral Wreaths in Procreate
  • By Design Bundles
  • 01 Jul 2021
  • 6 Mins
  • Procreate Tutorials

How to Make Floral Wreaths in Procreate

Floral wreaths are easy to draw in Procreate with Symmetry Guides, and they can be used for any occasion. Follow this tutorial to learn how to set up the canvas in Procreate for drawing a floral wreath and learn the best steps to take when drawing a floral wreath.
If you would like to make a floral wreath similar to the ones found in this tutorial, check out the Procreate Stamps Boho Vibes Set, 28 Flower Brush Stamp for Procreate, and Floral Stamps Brushes

Step 1 - Draw a Circle Guide

To help keep the floral wreath in a circular shape, draw a circle. Enable Transform by tapping the arrow button. With Snapping toggled on, drag the circle and center it on the canvas. The circle is centered when you see the two yellow lines.
Centered Circle Guide

Step 2 - Edit the Circle Properties

Open the Layers panel. On the circle layer (Layer 1 in image),  tap the N to the right of the layer name. Lower the opacity of the circle to around 10%-15%.
Lower Circle Guide Layer Opacity

Step 3 - Enable the Drawing Guide

Add a new layer. Open the Actions menu in Procreate by tapping the wrench icon. In the Canvas tab, toggle the Drawing Guide on. Tap Edit Drawing Guide
Enable Drawing Guide

Step 4 - Enable the Symmetry Guide

Tap Symmetry and then tap the Options button. 
Enable Symmetry Guide

Step 5 - Set Up the Symmetry Guide

When making a floral wreath, any of the symmetry options will work. Rotational Symmetry is not necessary but can be very helpful. Switching back and forth while drawing the floral wreath is also an option.
Tap Radial to follow along with this tutorial. Toggle Rotational Symmetry on. Make sure Assisted Drawing is toggled on, and tap Done in the upper-right corner. 
Set Symmetry Guide Options
The canvas is now ready for drawing a floral wreath. When using a stamp brush or drawing leaves and flowers for the floral wreath, rotate the canvas as needed. This is especially helpful with stamp brushes as most are static in direction and do not rotate. See the following image for a better understanding.
Rotate Canvas Example

Step 6 - Start With Leaves

We suggest you start with the leaves. This will be the foundation of the floral wreath.

Step 7 - Add Flowers

On new layers, add flowers in varying sizes to the floral wreath.
Add Flowers to Floral Wreath

Step 8 - Fill in the Floral Wreath

On new layers, add fillers such as small leaves and flowers. To complete the floral wreath, rearrange layers as you see fit if there are overlapping elements.
Add Fillers to Floral Wreath

Floral Wreath Examples Drawn in Procreate

This tutorial showed how to make a floral wreath using Radial symmetry with Rotational Symmetry. The following examples are floral wreaths made with different symmetry options.

Vertical Symmetry Floral Wreath

The following floral wreath was made using Vertical symmetry without Rotational Symmetry.
Vertical Symmetry Floral Wreath

Quadrant Symmetry Floral Wreath

Except for a few little flowers, the following wreath was made using Quadrant symmetry without Rotational Symmetry.
Quadrant Symmetry Floral Wreath
We have a large selection of Procreate brushes along with a handful of free Procreate brushes for you to get creative with. You can make your own unique floral wreaths! 

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