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How to Use Alpha Lock in Procreate
  • By Design Bundles
  • 26 Jun 2021
  • 6 Mins
  • Procreate Tutorials

How to Use Alpha Lock in Procreate

Learn how to use Alpha Lock in Procreate with this step by step tutorial.

Alpha Lock is a function that allows you to shade or draw inside of an existing shape without going outside of the lines. Alpha Lock makes the entire design outside the layer transparent. This makes it incapable of drawing on the outside of your layer. The Alpha Lock function is similar to a clipping mask, however using Alpha Lock, you do nothave to create another layer. This allows for easy shading within the same layer.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Alpha Lock function in Procreate. You will be using a fontin this tutorial, however, the Alpha Lock function works with any shape on a layer.

Step 1- Create a New Artboard

Do this by selecting the + sign in the top right corner.

create a new artboard in procreate -fontbundles.net

Step 2- Select the Dimensions of the Artboard

Select the small box with a plus sign to the right of New canvas. This will allow you to create a new artboard with your own dimensions. I chose to create an artboard at 3000 x 4000 pixels.

create new artboard dimensions in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 3- Select the Yellow Create Button 

create new artboard - fontbundles.net

Step 4- Select the “Wrench” Icon in the Upper Left Corner

using the wrench tool in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 5- Select Add Text in the Add Tab

add text in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 6- Choose Your Font 

We will be using the font called Sunkissed Script. However, you can use any font you desire. You will highlight your text and choose the font by selecting the “Aa” in the right corner of the new tab.

text options in procreate - fontbundles.net

You can select your font.

fonts in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 7- Select the Keyboard Icon.

Click on the keyboard icon located in the top left corner.

keyboard in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 8- Create Your Text

Type your text using the keyboard.

keyboard in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 9. Deselect

Once typed, you can click anywhere on the screen for the tab to disappear.

deselect in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 10. Resize the Image

Resize your image by making sure the cursor icon at the top is highlighted in blue. Then drag your text from the corner to resize. Once done resizing, tap the cursor icon again todeselect it.

resizing in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 11. Use the Rasterize Tool

Rasterizing flattens the text layer, which is what you'll need to do if you'd like to use AlphaLock with text.

Tap on your text layer.

rasterize tool in procreate - fontbundles.net

Then hit Rasterize.

selecting rasterize in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 12. Use the Alpha Lock Function

Select the layer and choose Alpha Lock. Another option is toswipe the layer with two fingers to the right to automatically turn Alpha Lock on.

alpha lock function in procreate - fontbundles.net

selecting alpha lock in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 13. Select a Brush and Color

Once Alpha Lock is selected, we can move forward with drawing. I will be using the Low Key Procreate Brush. Select your brush and color.

selecting a brush and color in procreate - fontbundles.net

Step 14. Draw in the Layer That is Alpha Locked

Proceed to draw on the inside of the shape. You can tell here that it will not allow you to go outside of the lines. Notice we do NOT have to create another layer, and we can draw on the same layer as our text.

drawing in a alpha locked layer in procreate - fontbundles.net

Add as many details to your font as you'd like.

adding an extra alpha lock layer in procreate - fontbundles.net

Once you have your design where you want it, you can turn off the Alpha Lock function.This will allow you to continue drawing on the same layer outside of the font boundary.

Next up, learn how to create 3D typography and draw drop shadow lettering in Procreate.

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