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How to use the Transparency tool in Affinity designer

Posted on 4th May 2017
1- Open Affinity Designer.


2- Insert your design into a new document.


3-  You can select your design as a group and adjust the opacity in the colour picker tool.

4- You can also affect a single object in the layer tab and then adjust the opacity.


5- If you want to apply a transparency independent of the colour you can select the transparency tool.



6- Once the transparency tool is selected, select the object you would like to apply the transparency too from the layers tab.


7- At the top toolbar there will be a type option with a drop down box. this gives you the different transparency types you can select.


8- Select the one that best suits your needs. When you select your option a transparency will appear with several handles on it.


9-  There are several points (circles) on the Transparency handles. The black circle is where the most opacity is while the white circles are the most transparency.


10- If the transparency is not the way you need it, you can reverse it by selecting the reverse option.


11- Once you have the way you would like your transparency , you can move the handles around your image and make them longer or shorter to adjust the effect of the transparency.



12- If you select one of the handles circles, you can then go to the color picker tab and adjust the amount of opacity at that point.


13- You can also click once on the handle line and add more transparency circles to add more levels of transparency to your object.

Design was from  and the design is called 30 funny cards-poster collection

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