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How to use the corner tool in Affinity Designer

Posted on 4th May 2017

1- Open Affinity designer.

2- Insert your image/design/shape. I am using some shapes for this tutorial.


3- Select the corner tool from the left toolbar.


4- Select your shape and select the corner you want to alter and make curved.


5- Holding down and dragging on the corner a red circle will appear, this is showing you the curve of your corner. the larger the circle the bigger the curved corner.


6-  When you have the corner selected you can also adjust the size via the top tool bar where it says radius. you can type in an exact measurement or you can use the slide bar.


7- You can also change the type of curve as well by selecting the corner type on the top toolbar.


8-  Another option with the corner tool is you can alter several shapes at the same time.

to do this select all the shape you would like to change together.


9- Select the corner tool on the left toolbar and click and drag all the points you want to adjust.


10-  You can now adjust one point and all or them will adjust the same as each other.


11-  you can also select say 2 of the 4 shapes and adjust those 2 but not affect the rest. As long as you select the ones you want with the corner tool they will all adjust at the same time.


12-  The corner tool can also be used on fonts to change them. When changing fonts you will need to convert the text to curves, then ungroup the text to make each letter individual.


13- Select the letter you would like to adjust the corners, then select the corner tool. The points will appear and you can select the ones you want to adjust.


14-  You can click and drag inward to make the point curved or you can click and drag outward to it reverses the curve you already have on the letter.

Fonts are from and the font is called Black Velvet 2

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