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Sliced Text in Photoshop

Posted on 16th April 2018
For this tutorial, you will need the “Image” or “Pattern” of Paper to use as “Background”

1 - In Photoshop, create a “New Document”.

2 - Click on the “Create a New Fill or Adjustment Layer” button at the bottom of the “Layers” Panel and choose “Pattern”, select the Pattern of your choice and click “Ok” (or place the Image you chose).

3 - Create a second “Fill or Adjustment Layer” but this time choose “Gradient”. Use a “Linear” Gradient going from Black to Transparent to Black with a 95° Angle. Change the “Blending Mode” to “Soft Light”.

4 - Select the “Type Tool” (T), use Black as “Fill” color and type your text. Then, right-click on its thumbnail and “Rasterize Type” (remember that after this you won’t be able to modify your text).

5 - Select the “Polygonal Lasso Tool” (L) and make a selection of a portion of your text and background making a “Cut” of your text. Go to the “Paths” Panel and create a “Work Path” by clicking on the small button at the bottom of the Panel. Double-click in top of its thumbnail to save the “Path” and name it “Cut”.

6 - Click on the “Load Path as Selection” button at the bottom of the “Paths” panel to make the selection again and go back to your Text Layer in the “Layers” Panel. “Cut” (Command/Control + X) that portion of the text and then “Paste in Place” (Shift + Command/Control + V). Name them “Up” and “Down”.

7 - Select your two “Adjustment Layers”, right-click on top of their thumbnails and choose “Merge Layers”. Then “Duplicate” (Command/Control + J) the resulting layer.

8 - Make a selection of your “Cut” Path like in “Step 6”, go back to your duplicate layer and click on the “Add Layer Mask” button at the bottom of the “Layers” Panel.

9 - Select your Masked Layer and the “Down” Text Layer and using the “Move Tool” (V) move them a bit down and to the side.

10 - Double-click on the Masked Layer and apply the following “Layer Styles”:

Drop Shadow:

11 - Right-click on top of the “Drop Shadow” Effect and choose “Create Layer”, click “Ok” in the Pop-up window. Then, select the “Eraser Tool” with a “Size” of 50 Pixels and a “Hardness” of 50% and erase some portions of the “Shadow” to achieve the look ok a partially cut paper and text.

12 - Final result.

by @lornacane

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