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Application software is a descriptive term used to define software that ‘applies’ computer and software technology to given tasks. Examples include a spreadsheet, word processor and accounting application. They are grouped according to enterprise and non-enterprise aspects. Enterprise “application software” includes supply chain management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management and embedded software.

Non-enterprise application software includes:

• Entertainment – Game Apps for DVD, CD, and media such as Rhapsody and Solitaire.

• Graphics – Applications for photo editing, organising and sharing such as Adobe Illustrator (ADB).

• Security – Apps used for antivirus protection and to detect firewalls such as Norton.

• Mobile apps – Application software meant for smartphones, mobile device, or tablets.

Mobile apps offer a faster alternative to smart phone web browsing which requires the user to open a browser engine, type in their link and wait for the site to load. On the other hand, apps only take a second to launch since all of the data is archived in the app itself, making offline functioning possible.

They also boost your brand by increasing your traffic. This is because an app showers more life to your business on a phone than in a browser bookmark as they are always visible on the phone’s screen. Apps are relatively cost-effective as they reduce costs of using newsletters and SMS messages to convey the same message.

Before making or getting an app, you ought to consider how popular it will be, its purpose and your website’s basic requirements for you to have the cutting edge technology in the market. Various apps for your website can be found in our website at very market-friendly prices. Feel free to visit us for your bundle today.



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