Searching Actions in Illustrator in Add ons

In many circumstances, you may find yourself in a position where more than one editing action is needed for several features in a design. Say you need to scale down, rotate and change the colour of a set of circles on your designs. It would be really tedious to do each procedure one after the other repeatedly. That is why we can perform this series of tasks played back on a single file, in what is known as an Action Add On.

They can be referred to as a set of commands that you can playback in the Actions panel. This means that Actions allow us to include steps that let you perform tasks that cannot be recorded, thus making the editing process simpler. This is especially useful for complex tasks.

Adobe Illustrator comes with a set of predefined actions located in the Actions panel, which can be modified as per an individual’s needs. This can be done by clicking the New Set icon to separate them from the predefined ones. Then within this set, create a New Action. This icon will begin to record as soon as it is pressed. At this juncture, you go through the events you would like to be set into the action. From that point, the operations can easily be repeated by selecting the next object in the icon set and pressing play. If you had set a Function key, set by double-clicking an Action, you would press that instead.


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