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A plugin is a type of add-on, but with a few differences. First of all, we said add-ons add extra features and functionalities to a program, but they are not programs. Plugins are complete programs. They perform tasks that are impossible or hard to perform with the Illustrator alone. Since they are complete programs, they are not bound to specific browsers alone, unlike add-ons. These plugins can range from filters to brush styles.

Usually, you have to ensure a plugin is compatible with the Illustrator you are using. Both Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Illustrator CC have plugins that work specifically on them. Still, there are those like Fontself that work on both Photoshop and Illustrator CC. The reason why the Illustrators do not usually have the features that plugins aim to add is so that their prices remain reasonable. This is possible because some like Camera Raw, Ink, Texture Anarchy and FlatIcon are absolutely free. The premium plugins like RH Hover Color Picker, Fluid Mask 3 and Noiseware are also very affordable.

By extending your Illustrators abilities, you can save time on creating unique designs that would require a lot of manipulation. Instead, you could quickly get the desired effect by making use of the added abilities of add ons. This is especially important for any competitive design work; like commercial card making, web design and graphic design. The time saving is also a fundamental fact for students who would be working on a tight schedule. Browse our website for add ons bundles that will make your design or art creation experience much more enjoyable.



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