Illustrator Brushes

Brushes addons in Illustrator have many similarities to the common paintbrush. They can be used to draw more free form paths for an authentic hand-drawn look. They can also be applied on strokes to stylize them and thus give them more character. The various brushes you can find include;

  • Calligraphy brushes that create strokes similar to the angled point of a calligraphy pen.
  • Scatter brushes that spread out copies of an object along a path.
  • Bristle brush that creates strokes resembling a real brush.
  • Pattern brushes that are made up of up to five tiles that repeat themselves along the path of the brush.

Brushes can also be used to retouch features on a design; faces, for instance. In this way, it acts as a blending tool, where it matches the pixels of the image to better combine with the content of the brush. This use of pixel information is convenient when it comes to making smooth, seamless corrections or alterations to images. This is especially important for photo editors who work mainly with face portraits. The most efficient ways to get rid of blemishes is by using a retouching brush to create a perfect complexion on any face. However, these alterations are best placed on a new layer. This is an essential step in ensuring flexibility in case of errors as it is easier to get rid of a layer. It also helps the editor compare the original and new image to ensure that changes remain subtle.



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