Illustrator Gradients

A gradient add on is an effect that creates a three-dimensional look by blending or fading one colour into another. This effect is beneficial when one would want to create realistic textures like metallic or stone surfaces. It also helps create an illusion of depth. This effect is also commonly used in backgrounds of applications, desktop applications and web pages.

Gradients are also used to add volume to vector objects and in the creation of light and shadow effects on images. Like many other effects, you can get set gradients from a preset list or create your own. This is done with the gradient slider and the swatch panel. From the gradient slider panel, we can change the mid-points, where the colour transition takes place and also insert other mid-points to allow for multiple gradients.

There is also the neutral density filter that can darken or lighten the horizon of your gradient design. Arguably, however, the most exciting thing you can do with your gradient is adding the noise gradient effect. This allows a combination of different colours that blend perfectly into each other. This forms a kind of mosaic of colours that seamlessly and beautifully merge into themselves. The angle of these colours’ boundaries can also be changed from the normal horizontal position to any other, well, gradient. This feature is widespread when it comes to creating backgrounds and is thus very popular with web page designers and card makers.



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