Searching Palettes in Illustrator in Add ons

Palettes add ons are where the group of tools used to manipulate and edit your image are found. There are several different types of palettes, given the many editing functions that Illustrator has. We have the tools palette that works hand in hand with the options palette as it appears to show all the functions of any tool selected in the Tools Palette.

The Layers Palette has all information with regards to layers; it also stores and organizes layer information, such as a list of the layers in an image. Furthermore, to the left of the layer name, we can find a thumbnail of layer contents. Basically, the Layer Palette is where layers are created, hidden, displayed, copied, merged and deleted. The Layers Palette is closely related to the Adjustments Palettes, as this is where any adjustments to layers are made. These adjustments range from brightness, colour balance and even saturation. We also have the Color Palette, which is where you can manipulate the colours you use on your background and foreground colours.

Another critical aspect of the Color Palette is the scheme. There are numerous colour schemes, but two are essential to understand. These are the RGB colour scheme and the CMYK colour scheme. The RGB colour scheme uses red, green and blue in different combinations and intensities to give a full array of colours. This is the best colour scheme to use if the graphic is intended for electronic media because this colouring method is the same that is used to generate colour on screens. The CMYK scheme; standing for cyan, magenta, yellow and black, is best used for graphics that are to be printed.


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