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CorelDRAW is another powerful graphic design software with numerous features which are suited for both amateur and professional designers. Those who are engaged in design at a professional level are well aware few graphic packages are worthy of any attention; and CorelDraw is definitely one of them. Its paradigm can be described in three words: stability, convenience, versatility.

The software can be used in page design, website production, vector animation, bitmap editing and web page animation, just to mention a few. The software’s intelligent drawing function and dynamic guidance reduces the user’s ease of manipulation, increases accuracy in creation and positioning of objects, and increases working speed.

The package has passed the test of time, becoming a powerful tool for workers in creative professions.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is the closest software to Adobe illustrator. It’s a fast, convenient and accurate vector graphic editing software for both Windows and Mac. With it, you can work on promotional materials, websites, concept art, badges, and other user interface elements.

The software will allow you to create any vector image that comes to mind. This is because it has all the necessary tools, allows flexible switching to raster graphics and has a set of more than a thousand brushes. With it, you can get full control over colours and layers; up to a thousand per project.

This software definitely exceeds expectations by combining everything that should be in a professional vector editor. It has everything you need to work on a full-fledged project.



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