Cat SVGs


Crafters and makers, sharpen those claws! Actually, we mean sharpen those cutting blades. It’s time to put your Silhouette and Cricut machines to use! Me-wow! Would you look at all these adorable cats and kitten designs! We’ve got a clowder of designs for you…..Technically we call those a collection.

Creatives are going to love browsing through the wide array of fantastic designs featuring the fabulous feline. With the help of our graphic images, crafters and makers can take their craft projects to the next level.

If you love cats or just know someone who does, then you’re going to love browsing through this fantastic collection of designs.

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Black Cat SVGs

Black cats get such a bad rep, but we love them! A black cat element is a perfect element for fantastic Halloween designs. Plus, they work just as well for your mystical styles. We know that black cats don’t have to be spooky; they can also be pretty cute. Have you seen the adorable black cat versions our amazing SVG designers have created?

You’re full of ideas, but if you’re searching for some inspiration, we have a few thoughts for you if you need some fresh new craft options. Of course, you can always use your image to create some t-shirt designs or a wood sign, but why not expand your horizons. Try using one of these fabulous feline designs for some paper cut crafts or making stickers. Feeling adventurous? Then add some color to a black and white graphic and create a sweet sublimation design!

Cat Face SVGs

These cat face designs are adorable with sweet whiskers and twitchy noses, and crafters love them! Grab a t-shirt with a pocket, some HTV, and your heat press, and you can create an adorable pocket design. Or what about using one of these images for some funky poster art or even a fresh card-making design.

If you love cats and include them in everything, then you’ll love this idea. Find a Santa hat SVG and make your own Meowy Christmas design with one of these adorable cat face designs!