Cat SVGs

Meow. I want attention. Meow. I want to claw your thighs. Meow. Give me food. Purrrrrr…. DON’T TOUCH ME hissssss. Seriously, who the hell knows with these creatures. Maybe a cat SVG will help you figure it out. At the very least, it won’t bite.

Since the age of ancient egyptians, cats have been making fools of us all and have strategically manipulated their way into our hearts - being an endless source of love, and torture. There’s probably a cat trying to nap on your laptop right now. Or flashing its behind to your boss on a conference call. But we can’t help but love them.

Soft, warm, grumpy or smelly, there’s a cat SVG for every feline purrrsonality, and their devoted servants. I mean, owners!

A free cat SVG won’t get stuck up a tree!

Scratch scratch scratch. Clear my litter tray, hooman. Also, I ate your potted plant. And threw it up. But where! Haha meow… At least with a free cat SVG, you’re spared the indignity of cleaning up little surprises all over your house!

Top tip: Seriously, the internet would be a barren wasteland without our kitty companions. RIP Grumpy Cat. His legacy is that turning your own pet into a meme or viral graphic has become a lasting trend. Pick a simple line graphic cat SVG and edit it to resemble your own!

Your personalised cat design theme can be used on a range of stationery or adorn all your kitty accessories, including bowls, treat jars, collar and whichever side of the bed it’s claimed. You can do a series of vinyl stickers for those metallic or glass surfaces, if you don’t have the higher tech sublimation machines.

Scratch that cat SVG file

Our easy to download, multi-format files can be used for all sorts of crafting techniques. Check out the bundles with a cat SVG file perfect for use on fabrics, to make unique pieces for your home, including pillow cases, wall art, t-shirts and kitchen accessories, such as oven mitts, towels and aprons.

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