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Although crafting is typically associated with handiwork, technology’s role in its expansion cannot be ignored. Skills passed on and honed by generations of humanity have found faster, tidier and more precise methods of execution with the help of technology. This is especially true for crafting activities that require intricate, detailed patterns on delicate or hard materials. The worry involved in bringing out a design on a fine or brittle material is excruciating and can really take the fun out of crafting. This is why crafters are an invaluable tool to designers, giving you a precise pathway to follow in order to come up with the perfect product in just a short time.

However, it may feel like using a device to do your craft is cheating. Well, it doesn’t really have to be. Look at it as using the help of special tools to articulate your ideas to the last detail. It is essentially all you, without the human error. This is a great way to make sure that all intricate and complex designs, not limited by nature of material, are all realized to perfection.

So, what are some of the crafters that are used by various designers to make work easier. Below are some that you can find for download or purchase from our website.



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