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Blurred Background in Photoshop

Posted on 10th April 2019
For this tutorial, you will need an image with a subject to highlight by blurring the “Background”.

1 - In Photoshop, open the Image you chose to work with.

2 - Go to Select > Select and Mask (Option/Alt + Command/Control + R).

3 - Choose a “View Mode” (we chose “Overlay”). Use the ”Quick Selection Tool” (W) to select the subject.

4 - If you need to fix the edges you can use “Subtract from Selection” in the Top Menu.

5 - Check the “Show Edge” (J) box to see the edges of the selection, increase the “Radius”  and check the “Smart Radius” box if needed (we used a value of 2 px).

6 - Then use the “Refine Edge Brush Tool” (R) to clean the edges a bit more.

7 - Check the “Decontaminate Colors” box and select “Output to New Layer With Layer Mask” before clicking “OK”.

8 - To see the “Mask”, click on top of its Thumbnail while holding the “Option/Alt” key. Choose a Medium brush, make sure that White is the “Foreground” color and change the brush “Blending Mode” to “Overlay”. Clean up the edges if needed.

9 - Change the “Foreground” color to Black and fix the outside edges too. Now you can exit the “Mask” view and check out your image.

10 -  Duplicate the “Background” Layer (Command/Control + J). The duplicate should be in between the “Background” and the “Masked” Layer.

11 - Select the “Lasso Tool” (L) and create a selection around the “Subject” leaving a 3 mm space around its edges.

12 - Go to Edit > Fill (Shift + F5) and choose “Content-Aware” in the “Contents” Tab.

13 - Go to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur and use “Octagon (8)” for “Shape”, a “Radius” of 100, a “Threshold” of 255 and leave the rest of the values as 0.

14 - With the Top Layer selected go to the “Adjustments Panel” and create a “New Color Lookup Adjustment Layer” using “Fuji ETERNA 250D Fiji 3510 (by Adobe).cube as “3DLUT File”.

15 - Check it out.

by @lornacane

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