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How to use textures in Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 1st December 2016
Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Open Photoshop.

textures in photoshop 1

2 - Open the file you would like the texture effect on.

textures in photoshop 2

3- The image will appear in your workspace. Select file > Open, to find your texture file.

textures in photoshop 3

4- A new window will appear, select the texture file you require.

textures in photoshop 4

5- Your texture file will open into a new window. On the top toolbar click on Select > All (1) and then click on Edit > Copy(2).

textures in photoshop 5

6- In your image file go to the top toolbar and click on Edit > Paste. Your texture file will now appear on top of your image.

textures in photoshop 6

  1. Ensure your texture file is selected in the layers palette. Resize your texture to cover your image.

textures in photoshop 7

8-  When using texture there are 3 common effects you can use on your texture that will give you a great result. These are the 3 I most use, but I recommend for you to have a play with the effects.

You will see a drop down box in the layers palette. Make sure the texture later is selected (1)

It will say "normal" Change this to Overlay. (2)

The texture file will change and create the effect on your image.

textures in photoshop 8

9-  Soft light is another effect in the layers drop down box which can give you a very subtle texture effect.

textures in photoshop 9

10- For a more intense texture effect, I recommend hard light in the drop down box. This can give your image a really interesting look.

textures in photoshop 10

11 -If you like the effect but want a subtler effect you can also change the opacity of your texture layer by going to the layers palette and moving the slide and change the % of opacity.

textures in photoshop 11

Images are from and the file is called 50 Abstract watercolour textures


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