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Create a Snow effect in Photoshop

Posted on 8th May 2017
1- Open Photoshop


2-  Insert your image.


3- Create a new layer.


4- Select the brush tool. Select a brush with a hard edge.


5- Select the brush panel. Select the brush tip shape and set to around 13- 28 px. Select the spacing the 900%


6- Select shape dynamics. Select jitter to 80%, min diameter to 7% , angle jitter to 38%, roundness jitter 70% and min roundness 40%


7- Select scattering. change scattering to 1000.


8-  Select transfer. change the opacity jitter to 10%


9- Make sure the white is set in the foreground. Start using the brush randomly around the image.


10- Once you have finished adding the snow to your image go to Filter > Style > Diffuse.


11-  In the new window leave it set to normal and click ok.


12- Select filter > blur > gaussian blur.


13-  add a small amount of blur say 0.7px or so. Select Ok.


14- Create a new layer.


15- Increase the brush size and add more random snow effect on your image.


16- This time we need to make the larger snowflakes look like they are moving when the pic was taken. go to Filter > Blur > motion blur.


17- Change the angle to -80 and the distance to 20px. Select Ok.


18-  you can repeat the above steps again to have more snow or keep it as it is. Once finished select the eraser tool and layer by layer remove any snow that is over your main focus. In this case the people.

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