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Cricut Design Space 3 New hide contour feature

Posted on 30th July 2017
1- Open Cricut design space 3 and create a new project.

2- Insert your image that you would like to layer and create a new design.

3-  Duplicate your image as many times as you need colours. Change each duplicate to a different colour.

4- Select one of the images and click on contour icon.

5- A new window will pop up. This is the new hide contour feature.

6- You have 2 ways to unselect parts of your image. you can use the boxes on the right (1) or you can manually unselect on the image (2). Once you have the parts you want unselected click on the X in the top right corner.

7-  As you can see parts of the image have now been removed and filled with colour.

8- Layer one of the images over the other, you will see that where we removed parts of the image they now appear through the gaps of the first image.

Repeat the above steps with the other images.

9- Layer the rest of the adjusted images on top of each other. You can ensure they are all correctly layered by selecting all of the images then using the align tool to centre them.

10- When you go to the cut screen you will see that only the lines you did not select when using the contour feature appear. These will be the only ones that cut.

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