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Filling shapes with cuttable files in Sure Cuts a Lot 4

Posted on 14th December 2017
*Note- SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open SCAL4.

2- Firstly you need to import your pattern file. I recommend an SVG file. if the pattern is not SVG. trace it and convert to a cuttable file.

3- Select a pattern. A background cuttable file works really well.

4- Resize your pattern .

5- Select the text icon and choose your font. Type your text. (or shape) I am using Luducudu font from

6- Place the letter over the pattern file. make sure it fits completely in.

7- Select the letter(shape) and right click > appearance > shadow layer.

8- Add and inset shadow and approx 0.15 inch in size. click OK.

9- Select the inset part of the letter and the pattern.

10- Go to Path > intersection.

11- everything will appear to disappear apart from the letter. Do not worry the next steps will fix everything.

12- Select everything on the design area, then go to object > merge.

13- Your letter now has a cuttable pattern in it.

14- If you go to the preview screen you can see the cuttable pattern.

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