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How to Add Fonts to Procreate
  • By Design Bundles
  • 19 Jul 2021
  • 9 Mins
  • Procreate Tutorials

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

In this tutorial you will learn how to add fonts to Procreate and where to find them.

In this tutorial you will learn how to add fonts to Procreate and a few Procreate basics. You will also learn how to find the installed fonts you have available in Procreate. Want to learn how to edit a text in Procreate? You're in the right tutorial for that also.

I will be using a type face font called Herina but you can use any Cap Fonts of you choice. Once the font is downloaded, you will need to unzip the folder to begin the process.

There are two different ways to add Procreate fonts to the Procreate app. I will show you both ways of doing so. You can download the fonts to your iPad directly. Alternatively download to your computer, then transfer to your tablet.

Download from Computer to tablet 

Download and unzip your font file. You can do this by downloading to your computer and saving to a file that is accessible from your tablet. For example, you can use dropbox.

Access your downloads folder and right click on the zip file for Herina font. Select Extract files. Choose Browse and save to dropbox or other application that can be accessed on your tablet. Find your dropbox on your tablet and select the zip file to unzip it. Remember the name of the folder you have the file in.

Download Directly to Tablet 

Go to the web page for the purchased font and download the font file. Access the folder on your tablet where the file is saved. Next, unzip the file by selecting it. Now you're ready for the next steps.

Importing a Font into Procreate - Option 1

Let us begin by opening Procreate and setting up a new canvas.

Step 1 - Create and set up dimensions of canvas

We need to create a new canvas first. Do this by selecting the + sign in the top right corner.

Add Fonts to Procreate

Select the small box with a plus sign, beside “new canvas.” This will allow you to create a new art board with your own dimensions. I choose to create an art board at 3000px X 4000px.

Add Fonts to Procreate

Once you have chosen your dimensions select Create.

Add Fonts to Procreate

Step 2 - Select Wrench option and add text

Select the Wrench icon on the top left corner to open the menu options. We will be accessing the text option from here.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

Next select the Add option then Add Text. A box will appear with the word 'Text'. This is where you will type in your wording.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

Step 3 - Import the font you want to use

We will be using the Herina Font. However, you can use any font you desire. If the text is not highlighted, double tap it to select it then tap on 'Aa' in the right corner of the new tab. This will allow you to import a new font.

How to add fonts to procreat

Tap on the Import Font at the lower right side. This will bring up the folders on your device.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

Find your chosen font in the folder you saved it to. We selected the 'Herina Font(OTF)'. Once selected it will automatically import/add to your Procreate Fonts.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

Importing a Font into Procreate - Option 2

Option two is where you have directly downloaded the file to your iPad.

Step 1 - Locate the font you want to import

Once downloaded and unzipped, the next step to add a font is to locate the folder in which the file was unzipped to. In most cases on an iPad (this can vary), you will find this in your iCloud downloads or downloads. Find the folders app.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

Step 2 - Select your font

Once you select the Herina Font (OTF)this will automatically open Procreate and import/add to your Procreate fonts. You can use the search bar at the top to locate the file if needed.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

Locate installed Procreate Fonts

Once you have your fonts downloaded and added to Procreate, they are easily accessible. Once again go to the Wrench icon and click on Add.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

Then select Add text to bring up the text box.

How to Add Fonts to Procreate

On the right side of the keyboard tap on the 'Aa' option to open the font menu. Here you can adjust the font, the style and design as well as Attributes.

How to add fonts to procreat

We hope you found this tutorial useful. We have more excellent tutorials for you to follow including how to edit text, how to use shading and how to use layers.

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