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How to use Anyfont to Add Fonts to an iPhone or iOS device

Anyfont is an application on the iPhone and iOS devices that allows you to quickly and easily add fonts to your iOS device with little effort.

It is also seamlessly integrated with Fontbundles.net for super easy and accessible font downloads and installation.

In today's tutorial we will be explaining how you can download and install a font from Fontbundles.net to your iOS device using Anyfont in minutes.

The font used is Peach from the Valentine's Bundle.

Download fonts to your iOS device with Anyfont

Launch the Anyfont application from your iOS device:

launch anyfont on iphone

If you click on 'Already installed fonts' at the beginning it will show the full list of fonts installed on your iOS device:

already installed fonts ios

From the main screen, click the Fontbundles.net logo under 'External Font Sources', this will launch the Fontbundles.net web page.

launch fontbundles ios

Once you have logged into your Fontbundles.net account, you can then go to 'Downloads' to view your existing purchases.

Locate the Bundle you wish to install the font from:


Select 'View All Bundle Products' - this will open a dropdown containing the fonts contained within the bundle.


Scroll down in the list to find the font you wish to install:


Click Download Files and you will be presented with a second dropdown with the actual file names of the font:


Now select the 'OTF' version of the font to download - OTF is the best format, however TTF can also be used for compatibility purposes if required by certain software.

The OTF version of the font will download and then present a 'Finished downloading' dialogue when it is complete:


If you return to the main screen, the font you have downloaded will appear in the Font List:


It is not installed fully yet however.

Installing the Font on iOS

To install it, you should click on the font name (Peach in this example).

This will present the following Installation screen:


Tap on the font to install it. You may see a screen similar to this whilst it processes the file:


Next you will be asked to 'install a profile':


Click Install in the top left. You will be prompted to enter your password:


You will be asked to confirm the font installation:


You will be warned that the profile is not signed:


Click Install to finalise the font's installation to your iOS device, you will be presented with a Profile Installed screen:


When you click done you will be presented with the following dialogue:


Click 'Open'.


Your font is now fully installed to your iOS device and ready to be used with Word, Pages and other iOS applications that support fonts!

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