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How to Install Fonts on an iPad
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 21 Dec 2021
  • 6 Mins
  • Font Tutorials

How to Install Fonts on an iPad

Learn how to quickly download and install fonts to your iPad

In this tutorial we will show you how to install your purchased fonts on your iPad. We will be using a purchased app called AnyFont to install fonts directly from Font Bundles. This method of installing fonts is convenient and a great way for installing across all applications on your iPad.

The font we have chosen to use is a comic display font called Insomniacz. You are welcome to browse through our wide collection of comic fonts on Font Bundles.

Step 1 - Download your Purchased Fonts

AnyFont can be found on the Apple apps store. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, tap to open it.

At the top of the screen tap on the “+” symbol to open the font source menu. Here you can select the font source, which is FontBundles.net in our case. Tap to open the site.

The software may already detect a font source. If so, you will find this on the left side of the screen. So you can go ahead and tap on this option instead.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Sign into your Font Bundles profile and navigate to your purchases. If you are a Gold Plus Member, you can find plus product purchases under the Plus Membership page. We used a font from the Plus Hub. Not a member yet? Then check out the free 30 day Gold Plus Membership trial today!

Tap on Download Now.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

You can choose between three formats. It’s suggested that you use the otf option when downloading and installing fonts.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Once downloaded a confirmation message will appear. Tap OK.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Tap on Close at the top of the window to close back out to the AnyFont screen. You will now see a preview of the font. Carry on to repeat this step for all of your fonts.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Step 2 - Install your Font

Now, tap on the font or folder of fonts and a new window will pop up with a large green “Install” button. Tap to begin installing.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

A notification message will appear asking to allow for the configuration installation. Click on Allow.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Another window will pop up telling you the profile has been downloaded. Click Close.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

You will be left with the instruction window below.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Follow the instructions in the window and on your iPad, go to Settings > General > Profiles.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Here you will find your fonts. Select the font, then tap on Install. You may need to input your pass code. Then click Next on the Message from “Anyfont” window and follow the instructions.

How to Install Fonts on an iPad 12

Your fonts have now been downloaded and installed on your iPad. By using Anyfont, the installed fonts can then be used across applications that use the text feature. It is a super efficient way that eliminates the need to upload individual fonts to each and every application.

If you have the app Fonteer, we also have a video for that process on our Youtube Channel, which you can view below.

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