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How to use Fonts in ScanNCut

Posted on 23rd December 2016
1- Open Scan and Cut Canvas and Login.


2-Open a new project.


3-Select the Text option.


4- As you can see only the brother scan and cut fonts are available.


5-  Go back to the main Scan and Cut screen. at the bottom of the screen is rolling text. You will see one of the updates is a text converter.  We need to install this. So select the link. (if the rolling text does not have the link you can also find it Here.


6-  The link will bring you to the text converter. Select the CM series.(make sure your country is also selected)


7- Select the Machine you own.


8- Select your preferences. I use windows 10 so I selected this.


9- Agree to the Terms and the text converter will download.


10-I saved the zip file to my desktop.  Go to the location where your downloads will save an unzip the file.


11-Once you have unzipped your file place your text converter on your desktop for easy access.


12- Double click and open the text converter. Type your text in the top text bar. Select your font. In the Font List you will see all the fonts from your PC.


13- Select the Preview icon so you can see how the text will appear in scan and cut.


14-Select Save. Save your text. The text will be saves as a FCM file. You can save text to use in SCan and Cut as 3 different types. SVG, FCM or DFX.


15-  Close the Text converter and go back to your project. Select the SVG icon to import the text to your design space.


16- Open the text file. and click OK.


17-  Your text will now appear in your design space.


18- You will see that the text has imported as individual characters not as a whole file. You can now adjust the size of each letter, or group them together and adjust the size as a whole. you can even weld the text now.

19- Once you are happy with the text you can save and download the file onto a USB to import into your Scan and Cut.

Fonts are from and the font is called Luducudu.

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