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How to use Decorative Add-Ons in Silhouette Studio

Posted on 17th November 2016
Today we are going to be creating a design utilising a decorative add-on from our swashes and flourish pack.

VIDEO (Mac Version)


  1. Start by downloading the Swashes kit, it will come as a ZIP file named ''.a-12. Double click the ZIP file to extract it, a folder will now appear called Swashes-kit, which contains several sub-folders with the designs inside.a-23. Navigate through the files to find a PNG design you wish to use, I have decided to use the flower flourish named 03.png.a-34. Drag the selected PNG you wish to use into the Silhouette Studio Main Window. You'll be able to see the floral design within Silhouette now.a-45. With the design selected in Silhouette, click the 'Trace' tool, which should appear on the top line, it is circled in red below. This will bring up the trace dialogue. Start by selecting the trace area with the trace tool, dragging over the flower and ensuring the entire flower is highligted yellow, then adjust the various settings to ensure the yellow flower is smooth. The settings used below are optimal for this image.a-56. Once the flower is fully yellow and smooth, click 'trace' to convert the design to outlines. You can now drag the outlines away from the PNG design and delete the PNG (only keeping the outlines).a-67. Proceed to create a text design and utilise more decorations if required.a-78. Set the fill and line colours of your design, and you can now proceed to print the design.a-8

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