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How to color in with Inkscape

Posted on 11th December 2016
Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1-Open Inkscape.


2-  Open your colouring image. I will be using a PNG file.


3- Leave the import setting as they are ans select OK.


4-  If you are using a PDF file as a colouring page the below window will appear when you open the PDF in inkscape. These setting can be left as below and then clicking OK.


5- Select the Fill Bounded Area tool.


6-  Click on the area you want to fill/colour (1) and then click on the colour you would like it to be. (2).



7- You can see white around where you filled the selection where it has not quite fully coloured the image.


8-  You can fix this in 2 ways.

First select the area you want to cover the white and click on Ctrl + ) this will expand the selection. tho it will cover the black colouring in lines.


9- The second way is to right click on the stroke option. and then select stroke opaque. this will make the stroke opaque the colour of your section and "fill in the area.

It is good to note that if you are using a PDF colouring in page you may have the opposite issue where the stoke is too thick. at this point you will need to remove the stoke to thin down the colouring in line.


10-Below is the look you will achieve if you use the first fill technique.


11-  The below image is the affect you get if you use the second fill option.

12- You can also add a gradient to different selection in your colouring in image for effect.

To do this you need to select where you would like the gradient and the in the fill and stroke palette on the right select the gradient you would like.


13- Once you are happy with the gradient you can adjust the colour of the gradient from the stroke and fill palette.

To change the angle of the gradient, select the Edit gradient tool (1) and then move the points to the angle you would like the gradient to be (2).


14- You can also add your own highlights.

To do this you need to select the draw tool (1). Then  you need to remove the little triangle on your draw tool by selecting "none" in the drop down box (2).

then draw your shape.



15- Once you have drawn your shape fill it with white.


16- Right click the Stroke tool and select no stroke.

17- Select the white fill area and in the right palette adjust the blur.


18-  Adjust the size of your highlight to fit your area and then if you need to adjust the blur again.


19-  You can copy and paste the highlight on your colouring in to create different effects,

Design elements are from and the file is called Sacred Symbols.

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