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How to create a split monogram effect in sure cuts a lot 4

Posted on 2nd December 2017

*Note- SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open Sure Cuts A Lot 4 software.

2- Design your text. I am using England font from

3- Click on your library, select a slim rectangle.

4- Adjust the rectangle across the middle of your text. Ensure that it covers the whole length of the text.

5- Select both the text and the rectangle. Click on Path > back minus front.

6- Select all of the text.

7- Click on Object > break apart.

8- Select the bottom half of the text and right click > group.

9- Repeat, this time grouping the top part of the text.

10- You now have a top 1/2 and a bottom 1/2.

Go to the library and select the thin rectangle again.

11- Adjust the rectangle to make a thin long rectangle that is slightly longer than the width of the text. Duplicate the rectangle so you now have two.

12- Place each rectangle over the edge of the text.

13- Select the bottom part of the text and rectangle. Go to Path > Union.

14- Select top part of the text and rectangle and repeat the above Path > union.

14- You now have 2 welded parts of your text. Adjust the width of the gap between the top and bottom text to fit the rest of your monogram.

15- Finally, type the rest of your text in between your monogram split text.

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