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How to Create Perspective Text in Inkscape
  • By Design Bundles
  • 03 Aug 2021
  • 13 Mins
  • Inkscape Tutorials

How to Create Perspective Text in Inkscape

Add dimension to your design with Perspective Text in Inkscape with this step by step tutorial.

The Perspective/Envelope path effect in Inkscape is a great way to create a unique text effect. The text object is split into two with one half being extended at an angle. The effect is very useful for creating projects with impact.

In this tutorial we will be using a Sweet Handwritten Font called Party Hat. You can also use any Cute Font from Font Bundles. Let's begin by opening Inkscape and clicking on New Document

Step 1 - Type Out Text and Make it a Path

In order to create this effect the text object needs to be made into a path. First, click on Create and edit text objects on the left hand side. Type out your text and change the font at the top left of the screen. Add a color of your choice using the Color Palette at the bottom. Adjust the size and position if needed.

Create text object Inkscape

At the top of the screen click on the Path menu and select Object to Path. This will convert the text to a path but it will turn each letter into an individual object. So we will need to ungroup and combine all the objects into one. Right click the wording and select Ungroup.

Change text to path Inkscape

With the objects still selected, click on Path again and choose Union. The word is now one object.

Step 2 - Add a Rectangle and Align

The word object needs to be separated into two parts. This is so that the lower part can be changed without the rest of the object being distorted. Click on Create rectangle and squares tool on the left side panel.

Click + drag out a rectangle that is about a half the width of the word. You can adjust the width however you want. With the rectangle selected click Path and then Object to path. The color is not important. You can adjust the transparency to better see the position of the rectangle.

Next, click on the Object menu at the top and select Align and Distribute. This will open on the right hand side. Be sure that Relative To shows as Last Selected.

Create rectangle and align Inkscape

Click on Center on vertical axis then Align bottom edges. The rectangle and word object will align nicely.

Step 3 - Use Division and Union

In this step we will be dividing the word into two. The action will create individual parts, which will then be combined. Select the rectangle and word then under the Path menu click on Division. Click + drag a selection box around the bottom half of the word, click Path and the Union. The lower half will combined into one object.

Division and Union Inkscape

Repeat for the top half. You don't need to move the objects apart, the image below is just to show how it looks.

Result of Division and Union Inkscape

Step 4 - Add Rectangle for the Path Effect

We need to create another rectangle to use as a guide for the path effect. Click + drag out a rectangle and position below the word. Don't worry about the size at the moment as we will use a copy and paste method. Select Path and Object to path.

Click to select the bottom half of the word. Right click and select copy. Next, click on the rectangle to select then go to the Edit menu. Select Paste size and then Paste size again. This will past the size of the selected object onto the rectangle.

Paste Size Inkscape

Next we will align the rectangle and bottom half. Be sure to check under the Align panel that Relative To is still set to Last Selected. In this order, click to select the rectangle then Shift + click on the bottom half of the word. It's essential that the rectangle be selected first. Click Center on vertical axis and Align bottom edges.

Step 5 - Adjust Nodes of Rectangle for Perspective Effect

The rectangle needs to be moved down to the bottom layer and behind the word. Do this by clicking on Lower selection to bottom (End) at the top of the screen.

Move rectangle behind object Inkscape

On the left hand side click on the Edit paths by nodes tool. Then at the top of the screen click on Show transformation handles for selected nodes. This will activate the handles for the nodes so that we can change both sides simultaneously. Click + drag a selection box around the two bottom nodes.

Adjust nodes of rectangle Inkscape

With the handles active, hold Shift + Ctrl and click drag the right handle out towards the right. The opposite side will adjust as well. Drag out as far you want.

Move transform handles Affinity

Step 6 - Use the Perspective/Envelope Path Effect

Perspective Envelop is one of numerous path effect options available. It will allow us to change the perspective of the selected path. Click on the lower part of the word to select. Select the Path menu then Path Effects. The panel will open on the right hand side.

Open path effects Inkscape

Under the panel click the Plus sign to open the Live Path Effects Selector. Scroll down if needed and select Perspective/Envelope.

Perspective envelope Inkscape

Click on the Enable Snapping tool on the top right. Next, zoom in on the left corner of the rectangle. Select the Edit paths by nodes to activate the perspective nodes.

The node you want to adjust is the one right at the bottom. Click + drag the node to the bottom left corner of the rectangle. Since the snapping tool is active the node will snap easily to the corner of the rectangle.

Adjust perspective node Inkscape

Repeat this for the other side. You can now delete the rectangle as it is no longer needed.

Change object shape Inkscape

Move node to right rectangle corner

Step 7 - Adjust Nodes of Text Object and Add Gradient

The result can differ from font to font and there may be some distortion. Use Alt+ Up arrow key to adjust the top or bottom object if there is a gap. Pressing Alt will allow you to move the object in small increments.

If a letter is distorted you can adjust the nodes with the Edit paths by nodes tool. Click on the tool and adjust the nodes as needed. The nodes can be edited with the handles, moved or deleted.

Adjust node distortion Inkscape

To add more impact we can add a gradient. We have a great tutorial on how to Make a Gradient in Inkscape if you would like more information.

Create gradient Inkscape

If you enjoyed this tutorial you may also like our Inkscape tutorials on Making a Long Shadow, Creating a Mosaic Pattern, and Making a Marble Effect.

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