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How to crop an image in Inkscape

Posted on 3rd April 2017
1- Open Inkscape.


2-  Import your image. File > Import.


3- A new box will appear. Ensure that embedded was selected and click ok.


4- Select the rectangle tool (or any shape tool you would like to use) Draw a shape over your image where you would like to crop.


5- Fill your shape with the colour you would like to use.


6-  Change the stroke colour to none.


7- We now need to make the shape transparent. This will help you see where you crop. Select your shape and go to Object > Fill and stroke.


8- A new panel will appear.


9-  Select Fill (1) and then go to the A (alpha) option (2) and adjust the transparency. You can use the opacity tool, but this sometimes can adjust all of the image which you do not want.


10- Ensure the rectangle is on top of your image. Go to Object > Raise to top.


11-  Next select both image and the shape. Right click and select Set Clip.


12-  You image will not be cropped where the shape was.


13- If you would like to reverse the crop, right click on the cropped image and select release clip.


14- You crop will be reversed and the shape and original image will appear.

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