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How to Crop Images in Pixascape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 10 Dec 2021
  • 7 Mins
  • Pixascape

How to Crop Images in Pixascape

Learn how to crop images in Pixascape with this quick 3 step tutorial.

In this tutorial you will learn how to easily crop images in Pixascape. Pixascape is an internet based photo editing software available to Silver and Gold Plus Members. You can even use the browser based program on your phone to edit your images. Not a Gold Plus Member yet? Why not sign up for a free 30 Day Trial of the Gold Plus Membership today?

To accessPixascape, click on the Plus Membership link at the top of the Design Bundles page. Then, scroll a bit down the page and click on Pixascape.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

For this tutorial we are using a multiracial friends photo but we have a wide selection of commercial use photos available on Design Bundles.

Step 1 - Open your Image

Let’s begin by opening our image. There are two ways you can do this with Pixascape. The first way is to click the Upload button on the Pixascape landing page and choose your image. The second way is to click on Open > My Computer. You can also just simply drag and drop the image into Pixascape.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

Once loaded your image will show up in the main view.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

Step 2 - Use the Crop Tool

The edit panel with the Crop tool will automatically open on the left. If you don’t see it, click on the three bars with slides icon on the left. Then click on the Crop tool.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

A new window will open with a useful tip on how to use the Crop tool. When done reading, click Got it, thanks to close the tip.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

In the Crop panel, click on the drop down menu for the Aspect Ratio. Here you will be given a range of options, including social media preset sizes.

We selected Original Ratio for our photo.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

We also wanted to keep the current ratio the same when cropping down the image. So we made certain that the Lock Aspect Ratio button was moved to the right and was highlighted in green.

You can make further adjustments by clicking the center of the crop box to activate the sizing handles. Click + drag one corner handle in or out to resize if needed.

To move the crop box around, place your mouse over the image and it will change to directional arrows. Now click + drag to reposition the image. A blue line vertically and horizontally will appear as guides to help you center the crop. We centered our image using the vertical guide line.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

Step 3 - Apply Crop and Save Image

When you are done editing the crop box and settings, click Apply to commit the changes. Keep in mind that once you hit Apply, the changes are permanent.

You can undo the changes by clicking Undo at the bottom right of the screen. But this will also undo your settings and you will have to start over.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

Now that you are done cropping your image, you will want to save it. Go to Save at the top of your screen and select My Computer.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

A new window will pop up with the settings to save your image. Give your image a name, choose a format and quality then click Save. We selected JPG at full quality. Your image should be saved to your system’s Downloads folder.

How to Crop Images in Pixascape 12

That’s all there is to learning how to crop images in Pixascape. You can do a custom crop or use one of the social presets available in Pixascape to make life so much easier. You will be sharing new Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts in no time.

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