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How to Mask Text in Pixascape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 01 Apr 2022
  • 9 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Pixascape

How to Mask Text in Pixascape

In only 2 steps you will learn how to mask text in Pixascape with this super fun tutorial.

Did you know that Pixascape has an awesome feature for masking text? Only what is within the text will show, creating some amazing results. This is a great way to fill text and add to your photos. With Pixascape’s photo editing features, enhance your image before masking text for a greater effect.

Pixascape is a browser based software available to Silver and Plus Members. If you’re not a member yet, then we have an offer just for you. Sign up today for a free 30 Day Gold Plus Membership trial and give Pixascape a try.

Mockup Mask Text in Pixascape

For this tutorial today, we are using a rocky beach background photo from the Plus Hub. You can access Plus Hub photos with the free trial of the Gold Plus Membership. We also have tons of other Travel and Adventure photos for you to choose from.

Step 1 - Upload and Edit the Photo

Once you have opened Pixascape, upload the photo you want to use. On the left side the Edit panel will automatically open. Here you can edit the Contrast, Vibrance, Clarity and more to enhance your photo.

Edit Panel in Pixascape

You can even use photo effects or photo filters to add a uniquely textured feel to your photo. We added the example below to show you what cool effects you can achieve.

We will carry on with the original photo for the rest of the tutorial.

Example of photo effects in Pixascape

Step 2 - Add a Custom Text Mask

On the left side panel, click on the Masks icon. Here we have different masking options including the recently added Custom Text Mask. If you would like to learn more, we have an excellent tutorial on using masks in Pixascape.

Apply Text Mask

Click on the Custom Text Mask icon.

Select Custom Text mask in Pixascape

A new window with options will open.

Text mask options window in Pixascape

Double click on the text edit description then type in your text. To create a second line of text, press Enter.

Edit Text Properties

On the left side panel, click on the Font drop down menu and choose from the fonts available.

You are not able to load fonts to Pixascape but there is a wide selection to choose from. We went with Abril Fatface.

Adjust the Font Size to 400 and click on the Align Center icon to align the two lines of text.

Change font and size of text

Choose a color from the Color Picker box. We left ours as white. The following settings were used for Line and Letter spacing.

Letter Spacing: 0

Line Height: 12

Rotation: 0

Background Opacity: 100

Background Blur: 0

Now, we can use this mask in two ways. You can click Apply and retain a semi-transparent background around the text. Or, you can edit the mask so that you are left with just the text against a color background.

Apply Mask with Transparent Background

As seen below, once we clicked on Apply, the mask left a semi-transparent background.

Text mask applied one way in Pixascape

Apply Mask with White Background

The second way is to completely hide the background and only show it through the text. To do this, do not click on Apply just yet. Now, click once on the white area above the text. You will only see the text remain.

Text applied with white background

You can still move this mask around by placing your cursor over the text then clicking + dragging. Reposition where you feel the design works best.

Reposition text mask in Pixascape

Edit Mask if Needed

If you need to change the text, click once to enter text edit mode. The text will turn black but don’t worry, carry on to edit as needed. Then, again, click on the white area just above the text to apply the changes.

Edit text in mask Pixascape

When you are happy with the final result, click Apply on the left side panel. Now we need to crop the design a bit.

Crop text in Pixascape

Save your text creation as JPG, PNG or PDF by going to the top then clicking on Save > My Computer.

Save text file in Pixascape

If you want, you can remove the background using DesignScape. Then save the image as a PNG with a transparent background. This can then be added to your Pixascape library for use in other photos.

Masked text added to photo

You have successfully masked text in Pixascape and created a fun text object. Adding effects to the photo before masking gives so many creative options. In the image below, we have our final text results. The bottom one features the photo effects we used earlier on with more intense detail.

How to Mask Text in Pixascape

Now you can give your text that extra punch. Pixascape is full of photo editing features that can give new life to your images. Whether it’s creating a postcard, digital scrapbooking or even a collage, Pixascape does this and more.

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