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How to Create a Simple Background in Pixascape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 13 May 2022
  • 10 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Pixascape

How to Create a Simple Background in Pixascape

Create two simple backgrounds for your projects with this super easy tutorial in Pixascape.

With Pixascape you can edit photos, but did you know you can create backgrounds as well? Available to Silver and Plus Members, Pixascape is a browser based editing program. So, in today’s tutorial, we will show you how to create a simple background in Pixascape.

Mockup of Simple Background in Pixascape

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We are going to show you how to create two kinds of backgrounds. The first will be a bokeh background made from scratch. The second will be created using these cute heart designs.

Be sure to browse through the tons of great Heart SVG’s available on Design Bundles for more options.

Create a Bokeh Background

The bokeh background will be created using the various tools available in Pixascape. First, grab a screenshot of a blank page from any program or even Google. The dimensions of our page is 1500 x 1000 px.

Step 1 - Paint in your Background Colors

Once you have opened the blank image in Pixascape, click on the Draw Tool on the left panel. At the top of the Drawing window, click on Add a Drawing.

Under Tools, make sure that Draw, the squiggly line icon, is selected. A little further down, click on the Color Picker box to open and select a color. We went with a nice light blue but the color is your choice.Use Drawing tool in Pixascape

Adjust the Brush Size to 20%, Softness to 100% and Intensity to 100%. As you experiment, you can change these settings to what you need. Start painting on the blank document however you choose.

You can use the Reset or Undo button to undo your steps.Begin painting on the canvas

You can switch over to another color by clicking on the Color Picker panel. Fill in the rest of the document with different colors. Once you have filled the document with color, be sure to click Apply before moving onto the next step.

If you don’t, you will lose all of the edits to the document.Add color to document in Pixascape

Step 2 - Use the Effects Panel

In this step we are going to have some fun with the Effects Panel. You can use any of the options available and edit the settings. For this tutorial we chose the Painting Effect category. Then we selected the second option, PA002.

Clicking on the Effect Settings, we made the following adjustments.

Adjust Option selected

Detail: 55

Color Range: 30

Hue: 40

When you are happy with the results, click on Apply.Add Effect to background in Pixascape

Step 3 - Add an Overlay to the Background

Next, let’s add a bubbly overlay to our background in Pixascape. On the left side panel, click on the Overlays icon. From the category options available, we chose Bokeh and selected 006.

In the Settings change the Blend Mode to Normal. You can also play around with the Rotate and Flip options to get the result you want. Remember to click Apply to keep the settings.Add Overlay to background in Pixascape

You can keep on editing to build up the background. We wanted to have a lighter feel to the background. Here, we selected the Edit option on the left side, then Exposure. You can use the same settings as we did below or edit as you want.

Brightness: 15

Contrast: 20

Highlights: 30

Shadows: 20Adjust the exposure for the background

Create a Background with Design Elements

Once you have downloaded your purchased image, you need to unzip the files to your PC or Mac. Now, let’s quickly create our background. We will be using the PNG images but SVG or JPEG files also work perfectly.

Step 1 - Add Design Elements to Document

For this step, we need to upload the designs to the Pixascape library. This will allow us to add the elements to the document for our background.

Once done, the selected elements will show on the left side.

Go ahead and add the elements to the document. Change the sizing and edit the Layer Properties to Flip, Rotate and even Duplicate.Use the Image Manager in Pixascape

Save this background as a JPEG file so that we can edit it. Now, open this saved file in Pixascape.

Step 2 - Edit the Background in Pixascape

Go to the Edit panel on the left side and select Tint. Change the Tint setting to 40% and the Opacity to 100%. Click on Apply.Add tint to background in Pixascape

Like we did with the bokeh background, go to the Ovelays panel. This time select Light Leaks. We chose the option 016 and left the Blend Mode setting on Screen. Finally, click on Apply.Edit the background overlay

Carry on to edit the background to get an awesome result. In the image below we adjusted the Exposure.Further edit the background in Pixascape

Then, we added a Texture Overlay, option 007 to give a scratched look to the hearts.Add texture to background

There are no limits to the edits you can make or effects you can apply. When you are done editing, save as a JPEG file so you can use it in other projects.

With your background ready, why not create a collage or add some text like we did below?Create a Simple Background in Pixascape

It’s so easy and fun to create a simple background in Pixascape. With a little bit of imagination, you can create some truly unique and amazing backgrounds! We hope that you enjoyed following this tutorial and learning about the cool features in Pixascape.

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