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How to Create a Digital Scrapbook Page in Pixascape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 21 Feb 2022
  • 9 Mins
  • Pixascape

How to Create a Digital Scrapbook Page in Pixascape

Discover how to create a digital scrapbook page from scratch in this Pixascape tutorial.

Have you ever wanted to create a digital scrapbook page in Pixascape? Then follow this tutorial with us as we guide you on how to turn your memories into a beautiful keepsake. In Pixascape, a browser based photo editing program, you can quickly edit your images for that special project. Pixascape is available to Silver and Gold Plus Members. If you're not a member yet, then sign up for a free 30 day Gold Plus Membership trial today!

Create a Digital Scrapbook page in Pixascape

For this tutorial, we are using this spring flowers photo bundle, some pretty scrapbook frames, and these cute insects.

Step 1 - Edit the Main Image

In Pixascape, you begin by opening an image. This main image you can edit with the settings available. When adding other images to the main one, they will have limited editing capabilities.

Open your image in Pixascape then click on the Edit icon (second icon from the top). We are going to use the settings here to crop the image to a square size.

First, we selected a Square crop. Next, click + drag the crop area to where you want. The Height and Width were adjusted to 2000 to increase the crop size. You can also click + drag the corner sizing handle out.

Click Apply to commit to the changes.

Crop image in Pixascape

We also rounded the image corners to add more character.Round edges of image in Pixascape

Step 2 - Add Additional Images and Frames

We have already uploaded our images and frames to the Image Manager.

For the frames, we used the PNG image with a transparent background. The product we used included all four frames in one image, which worked for our project.

You can separate the SVG images using a vector editing program, save them individually and upload them to the Image Manager if you want.

We also uploaded elements of flowers and cute insects for our scrapbook page.

Add Your Images to the Scrapbook Page

You can now begin by clicking + dragging the frame onto the scrapbook page. When you click + drag the elements or photos onto the main image, new layers are created. You can access these layers under the Layers Panel bottom right.

Here you can flip the images, change the order, alignment, blending mode, and Opacity. You also have the option to Duplicate or Delete.Upload images using Image Manager

Next, click + drag each photo onto the scrapbook page. Place the photos over each frame then resize by clicking + dragging out the corner sizing handle. You will see the layers on the right if the panel is open.Add photos to frames in Pixascape

If you need to crop the added image, click on the image first to select it. The bounding box with corner handles and side square handles will appear. As you know, the corner handles are for resizing. But, if you click + drag a side box handle inward, you can crop the image.

Crop image in Pixascape

Change Order of Layers

Under the Layers Panel on the right, click on the frames layer to select. Now place your cursor over the right side of the layer, an eye icon and a six dot icon will appear.

When you move your cursor over the dot icon, it will change to directional arrows. When this happens, click + drag the layer up to the top above all the other layers.

Change order of layers Pixascape

Rename the Layers

To keep track of everything, you can rename the layers. Double click the layer then give it a new name.Rename image layers Pixascape

Step 3 - Build Up Your Scrapbook Page

Carry on to add the rest of your elements and images to build up your scrapbook page. Use the tools under the Layers Panel like flipping the images, or changing the Order to place one image above another. Using the Order option is an alternative to moving the layers by clicking + dragging.Build up the scrapbook page

You can add and delete images in the Image Manager as needed.

Step 4 - Create Your Text Objects

To add a final touch, we need some text. You can add your text by clicking on the Text Tool on the left side. Add your text and apply an Outline and Shadow for more effect. Use the guidelines that appear when moving the text to the center. Add text to scrapbook page

Once you have added your text, graphic elements, and images, you can save your digital scrapbook page. To do this, go to the top of the screen, click Save > My Computer. Choose a format, quality and give your file a name then click Save.

Save Digital Scrapbook Page

Well done on creating a digital scrapbook page in Pixascape. We created a super cute page to celebrate Springtime and had great fun with our images. Now that you know how to use these techniques, you can turn your images into colorful, fun memories.

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