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How to Create a Photo Collage in Pixascape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 28 Jan 2022
  • 6 Mins
  • Pixascape

How to Create a Photo Collage in Pixascape

Learn how to create an amazing photo collage in Pixascape that you'll want to show the world.

In this fun tutorial we will show you how to create a photo collage in Pixascape. A collage is a creative way of showing off your photos to friends and family. You can even share your collage with your followers on social media. Pixascape is a photo editing browser based program available to Silver and Gold Plus Members. Want to give Pixascape a try but not a member yet? Then sign up for a free 30 day Gold Plus Membership trial today!

Mockup Photo Collage in Pixascape

We are going to use this greek travel photo bundle to create our collage.

Step 1 - Upload a White Background as Base

You can create your own base for the photo collage using a simple white background. Go into any program you have, then enlarge the document or canvas area until it fills the workspace area. Now, take a screenshot and crop as needed. This will be the base for your collage.

Open this white background base in DesignScape as shown below. We went with a landscape approach.

Open White Background Base

Step 2 - Add Photos to Base Background

We have already uploaded our photos to the Pixascape Library using the Image Manager. Now, drag and drop your selected images onto the background. On the bottom right you will find the Layers Panel where your images will be placed on their own layers.

Add images to background for Collage

Arrange Photos in a Collage

Click on one of the photos and the Image Properties panel will open up. This is the exact same panel you will find on the right hand side above the Layers. You can use either panel during this tutorial.

Rearrange your images on the white background according to how you choose. You can resize by clicking + dragging out a corner handle. Hold down Ctrl while clicking + dragging the handle to constrain the size. Increase or decrease the value at the bottom of the screen to zoom in or out.

Arrange images on collage background

Change Image Layer Order

To move the image above or below another, click on the Move Backwards and Move Forwards options. For each click, the image will move forward or backward one layer. Keep clicking until you have the image where you want it.

Change order of images in Pixascape

Step 3 - Add Text to the Photo Collage

You can add some text to your photo collage. This is an optional step and can further add interest to your creation. We have a great tutorial on the text features in Pixascape to get you started.

For our photo collage, we added an outline to make the text stand out against the background. A nice blue was added to this outline and Width increased to 100%.

Add text to photo collage

We can now save our photo collage and share it with family and friends. We chose to save the image as a JPG file.

Save Photo Collage

Well done, you have just learned how to create a photo collage in Pixascape. Here is what our creation looks like.

Create a Photo Collage in Pixascape

Pixascape is a great editing tool for your photos. You can create amazing collages that show off your photographic talent as well as your holiday. If you enjoyed this tutorial, why not have a look at how to use photo filters or add a frame in Pixascape?

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