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How to Group and Ungroup Objects in Inkscape
  • By Design Bundles
  • 20 Mar 2017
  • 4 Mins
  • Inkscape Tutorials

How to Group and Ungroup Objects in Inkscape

In this Inkscape tutorial, learn how to group and ungroup objects to keep your designs organized.

By following this tutorial you will learn how to group and ungroup objects in Inkscape. Grouping objects helps to keep everything in order. You may want to group multiple items when working on a design. Ungrouping is useful for separating objects to work on individual pieces.

We will be using these cute bee stickers during this tutorial but you can check out our selection of bee designs as well.

Be sure to download and unzip your files before beginning your project.

Step 1 - Import your Designs into Inkscape

Once you have opened Inkscape, locate where your designs are stored. Then drag + drop each one into the document. When you import an image, the png, bitmap image import window will appear. Leave everything as is and click OK.

Drag and drop elements into Inkscape

If needed, you can resize your images once imported.

Step 2 - Select Images and Group

We are going to select all of the images then group them. To do this, go to the Select and transform objects tool on the left side toolbar. Now, click + drag out a selection box around all of the images you would like to group.

Alternatively, you can also click on one design then hold Shift + click on the other images to select them.

Draw selection box around images

With all of the designs selected, right click > Group.

Right click designs then group

You can also group the images by going to Object > Group.

Your objects are now grouped. You can move them around as if they are a single object.

Selected objects now grouped

Step 3 - Ungroup the Images

It is just as easy to ungroup the images. Make sure the grouped images are selected, either right click > Ungroup or go to Object > Ungroup.

Your images will be ungrouped so they can once again be adjusted individually.

Ungroup images in Inkscape

As quick as that you have learned how to group and ungroup objects in Inkscape. This is a great tool for keeping your designs together without actually making them one object. We have a great tutorial on separating elements from images in Inkscape if your design has been combined into one.

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