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How to Align Objects in Procreate
  • By Design Bundles
  • 11 Aug 2021
  • 7 Mins
  • Procreate Tutorials

How to Align Objects in Procreate

In this easy to follow tutorial, discover how to quickly align objects in Procreate.

Have you ever found yourself guessing that the objects in your artwork are aligned properly? No more guessing is needed, in this tutorial, we are going to have a look at how to align objects in Procreate. We are using a butterfly monogram and a modern handwritten font called Rectoverso Script. We also have a great selection of Monogram SVGs available to choose from. Let’s get started!

Please note: we are using the latest version of Procreate 5X. Some features aren’t available for earlier versions.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Artwork

First, we will import the Split monogram Butterfly. Making sure the butterfly and text are on separate layers. To import a file to the Actions panel (Wrench icon). Then tap on “Add” and tap on “Insert a file” and select the monogram butterfly you want to use.

We have already imported our font however we have a great tutorial on how to add fonts to Procreate if needed.

Import a monogram and font in Procreate

I’ve gone ahead and styled the monogram and text. You can easily do this by making use of Alpha Lock and Clipping masks in Procreate. You can also see in the image below that I have the monogram and text on separate layers.

Monogram Butterfly layers in Procreate

Step 2 - Enable Snapping

The snapping feature provides you with blue guidelines to help with alignment and sizing. Your objects will snap to things like canvas center points or other objects on separate layers.

Working with the split monogram butterfly layer first, tap on “Transformation” (Mouse pointer icon). Before we start moving objects around we need to enable the “Snapping” feature first. Under the 4 types of transformation, you can see “Snapping” as the first option, Tap on it.

Additional settings will pop up, let’s have a quick run-through of what each of these does.


Toggle on to have the main snapping alignment feature.


Allows your object to slide along the blue guidelines when moving it around on the canvas.


The amount in pixels your object needs to be for an object or guide to snap to it.


Controls the speed your object moves before it activates the snapping guide.

Align Snapping Settings in Procreate

Step 3 - Align to Canvas & Object

We are going to align the monogram butterfly to the center of our canvas and then align our text to our monogram. You will see in the images below how the guides look. So to get started Select the monogram.

Canvas Alignment:

Start dragging the monogram left/right or up/down. As you are moving it you will notice a vertical or horizontal yellow guide that runs over your canvas. This indicates you have reached the center point vertically or horizontally. Once you see both guides you have aligned your monogram right in the center of your canvas. Tap the Transformation icon once you are done.

Align Object to Canvas in Procreate

Object Alignment: 

Select your text layer and tap on Transformation again. Aligning an object to another the guides will be blue. As seen in the image below my text is aligned perfectly centered vertically. I’m not worried about centering it horizontally as I’m placing it in the space provided on the split monogram. Tap the Transformation icon once you are done.

How to Align Objects in Procreate

That’s it, now you know how to align objects in Procreate. If you enjoyed this tutorial you may also like our tutorials on how to use StreamLine, how to draw people, and how to make Procreate brushes.

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