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How to Fill Shape with Pattern in Affinity Designer

Shapes in Affinity Designer can be filled with patterns by using the Fill Tool option. This can be applied to a range of projects like sublimation, stickers, card designs and more. Any image can be used including seamless patterns. Creating a design with a pattern fill has never been more easy.


In this tutorial we will be filling shapes with a Bees and Sunflower seamless pattern. We have a great guide on creating seamless patterns in Affinity Designer if needed.


A heart shape will be used along with two patterns for a cute design.


Step 1 - Draw out the first shape


Let's get started by opening Affinity Designer. Click New Document then adjust your settings and click Create.


On the left side panel you will find the Shape Tools. We will be using the Shape Selection Tool. It usually shows the last shape used. To see the selection of shapes click on the small white arrow. Click on the Heart Tool and draw out the shape. Add a solid fill color for now.


Shape selection tool Affinity


Step 2 - Add a bitmap pattern fill to the shape


For the first Heart shape, we will be using the sunflower pattern from the Bees and Sunflower pattern collection. With the shape selected, click on the Fill Tool on the left side panel. At the top of the screen are the Fill Tool editing options.


Next to Type, click on the arrow to open the options and choose Bitmap. Select your image and click Open. The pattern fill will be applied to the shape.


Fill Tool Bitmap Affinity


Step 3 - Adjust the pattern fill


By default the gradient of the pattern fill is centered in the shape. The Main fill aspect ratio option is active so when moving one node the other adjusts as well. If you want to adjust the nodes independently, click this option to deselect.


Maintain fill aspect ratio


Keep Maintain fill aspect ratio active and Click + drag one node inward. The size of the pattern will be evenly decreased all round. The gradient can be moved around by clicking and dragging the middle node.


The Extend option is how the pattern is displayed. For this tutorial we will leave it on Warp.


Change pattern fill size Affinity


Reposition gradient Affinity


The pattern can be changed at any point. Even though Bitmap may show as active, you still need to click it again to change the pattern. Click on the Type menu, select Bitmap and choose another pattern. The new pattern will replace the previous one.


Step 4 - Add a second shape and pattern fill


This step is not necessary but for a little impact a second shape and pattern will be added. Press Ctrl + J to duplicate. Hold Shift and Click + drag one of the sizing handles inward to make the shape smaller. Select both shapes, right click and select Alignment, then Align Center. Right click again, select Alignment and then Align Middle.


Duplicate shape and align


Click the smaller heart and select the Fill Tool. We will be using the honey bee pattern from the same pattern collection. Select Bitmap from the top, choose your image and click Open. Adjust one of the nodes to increase or decrease the pattern size.


Resize pattern fill Affinity


Add a stroke to the shapes to make the design pop. Click on the Stroke Panel on the right hand side. Change the width for each shape according to how you want. The width was adjusted for both to 1.4pt.


Adjust object stroke width


Pattern filled design Affinity


Congratulations on creating an adorable design using shapes and pattern fills. If you enjoyed this tutorial you may also like these tutorials on making a gradient.

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