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How to save and export files with a transparent background

Posted on 11th December 2016
Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1-Open a new file in Inkscape.


2-Open the Align and Distribute Palette.


3- Open the Edit object fill and stroke palette.


4-Create or add your own graphic.


5-When it is time to save your file you will need to save as a PNG. To do this go to File > Export PNG.  A new window will appear in the right palette.  There are 4 options.

1- Page > exports everything on your work space.

2- Drawing > exports all your work in the border area.

3- Selection > will export all parts of the image/graphic you have selected/highlighted.

Remember when using the selection too it will export everything in the selected area, so if you have images overlapping it will export the part of the graphic/image behind the selected areas.

4 - Custom > you can adjust your requirements here. This is rarely used.

DPI - You can set the the size you require. Some programs/printing facilities require a specific DPI, so you can change it here. 300DPI is an average size.


6-  SAVING- Design your design/graphic. Select Edit > Save as to save.


7- When saving your file save as an inkscape SVG file, this means that everything is saved as is and you can go back to it and adjust the file. Also SVG is a popular file, you can open SVG in many programs such as Silhouette, Cricut, Ai etc.


8- You can also save as a PDF. You can do this by selecting it in the drop drown box.


9- A new box will appear when saving as a PDF. at this point you will need to change some selection on the pop up window to save.

1- Check, convert text to paths.

2- Check, Rasterize filter effects.

3- DPI> adjust as you need.

4- Select export area is page.

Finally click on OK to save.

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