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Inserting images in text in Cricut design space 3

Posted on 14th October 2017
1- Open Cricut design space and click on upload image.

2- In the next screen you will need to upload your image as a pattern fill.

3- Your image will appear. rename it and click on save.

4- Go back to your design space screen and select the text icon on the left toolbar.

5- Select the font option and choose your font. I am using Marthas vintage font from

6- With your text selected click on the text layer in the layers panel.

7- In the pop out panel click on print(1). This will allow you to access the patterns options (2).

8- Select filters at the bottom of the panel (1) and then select the uploaded option to make the software bring up all the designs you have uploaded as patterns.(2).

9- Scroll through the uploaded patterns until you find the image you uploaded. Select the image. You will see it is now filling the text.

10- If you want to alter the image within the text, select the edit option in the patterns panel (1). Then a new window will appear. Here you can change the size of the image within the text, you can changed the direction the image and the rotation.

11- Once you are happy how your image is inserted into your text you can now print and cut it. Click on Make it to go to the print and cut page.

12-  Once in the print and cut page you will see a rectangle around your text this is the print and cut area. Here you can print your image, and if you are printing on transfer material you also have the option mirror your print and cut.

Follow the rest of the prompts to finalize the print and cut.

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