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Light burst text effect in Photoshop

Posted on 16th September 2017
1- Open Photoshop.

2- Create a new file. File > New.

3- When creating the new file ensure that the background colour is set on black.

4- Select the text tool.Then select your font. I am using Fresh squeezed duo from Change your text size to suit your needs, make sure Sharp is selected and them change the text colour to white. Click on OK.

5- Type your text.

6- Deslect the text (esc) and check the move too to adjust where you want the text on your screen.

then click on the FX icon and select the blending options.

7- A new window will appear.

8- Select gradient overlay, then click on the gradient bar.

9-  A second window will pop up. Select the 3rd gradient, then click on the bottom left node on the gradient slider.

10- A 3rd window will appear. select your first colour on the colour picker. Make sure it is a dark colour. I have picked a navy blue.Click OK.

11- Now click on the bottom right node on the gradient slider.

12- the colour picker window will reappear. This time pick the same colour hue but in a lighter shade. I picked a light blue. Click OK.

13- Your text has a coloured gradient in it.

14- Click on the FX icon and select bevel emboss.

15- A new window will appear. Select bevel emboss (1). We now need to change a few settings. We need to change the depth to at least 425% (2). Next increase the size to 6 px (3), then change the highlight mode opacity to 80% (4) and finally chnge the shadow mode to approx 70% (5).

Click OK.

16- Duplicate the top layer 3 times.

17- With all 3 layers you duplicated, change the blend mode to dissolve.

18- Right click the top layer of the 3 selected and then select rasterize type.

19- Right click again and this time select merge layers.

20- With the merged layers selected click on filter > blur > radial blur.

21- In the new window change the blur method to zoom and 100%, then change the quality to best.Click OK.

22- With the merge layers still selected change the blend mode to dodge(ADD).

23- To sharpen and intensify the effect more, go to filter > blur > radial blur.

24- Leave the settings the same and click OK.

25- Your light burst effect is now finished.

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