Saving a Silhouette File as PDF to open in Photoshop

Posted on 27th February 2017
You will need a PDF creator installed. Try this PDF Creator .

1- Open Silhouette

2- Design your artwork in design space.

3- Go to File > Print.

4-  In the printer options, select your PDF creator. and then select Print.

5- A new pop up window will appear. Name your file and select save.

6- Once you have saved the file another window will appear. This is so you can save the file as a PDF onto your own PC. Select PDF as the save type and name your file.

7-  Open Photoshop.

8-  Go to File > Open and select your PDF file.

9- A new window will appear with your file image in it. select OK.

10- Your PDF file from silhouette is now in photoshop.

Images are from the file is called Romantic Vintage sketches

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