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Text basics in Affinity Designer

Posted on 3rd April 2017
1- Open Affinity Designer and create a new file.


2- Select the text tool and type your text.


3- You can click and drag the little blue boxes to resize your text. by holding the shift key this will keep the aspect ratio.


4- You can also resize the text with the top tool bar.


5-  To change your text click on the Character icon in the top toolbar. A new panel will appear.


6-  You can adjust the size of the text horizontally.


7- You can adjust the text vertically.


8-  You can adjust the space between each letter.


9-  You can adjust the space between each line of text.


10- You can also change the background colour. when you select this option you will have a colour wheel panel appear.


11-You can also change the text colour this way.


12- At the top of the panel you can change your font and style.


13- You can also make your text into a vector graphic. Click on the small icon on the top right. A drop down box will appear. Select convert to curves.


14-  Once converted to curves, the text will be grouped in the layer as individual letters so you can adjust each one.


15-Select the text, then the edit tool and the vector points will appear. At this point you can change the shape of your letter by moving the vector points.

Fonts are from and the font is called Black Heat.

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