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Transparent text effect in Photoshop

Posted on 16th September 2017
1- Open photoshop.

2- Open your image.

3- Select the horizontal text tool.

4- Select your font, ensure the text colour is black and type your text. I am using the font Luducudu from

5- Select the move tool and adjust the text to where you need it to be on the image.

6- Create a new layer.

7- Drag the new layer below your text layer.

8- Select the rectangular marquee tool and ensure the feather is set to 0px.

9- Create a rectangle around your text.

10- Right click on the rectangle and select the fill option.

11- Fill the rectangle with white. Click OK.

12- Click Ctrl+ D to deselect the filled rectangle.

13- Select the text layer and then the move tool.

14- Press Ctrl and select the text layer. Little marching ants will appear around your text. Move the text to centre in your rectangle.

15- Hide the text layer. (click on the eye icon)

16- Select the white rectangle layer. Hold Alt + click on the mask icon at the bottom of the layers panel.

17- You now have transparent text. You can adjust the opacity of the white rectangle to suit your needs also.

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